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We go the extra mile to ensure consumer protection

The Pack2Go Europe “Quality Guarantee” label is available to all member companies* that have:

Demonstrated that they have formally endorsed the Pack2Go Europe Guiding Principles
Demonstrated that they have fulfilled the obligations of Pack2Go Europe’s Essential Performance Requirements
Declared themselves to be in full conformity with EU and national legislation
Entered the required information in the Pack2Go Europe reporting platform hosted by EcoVadis
Achieved a scorecard as established by EcoVadis that exceeds the minimum set by Pack2Go Europe. The minimum scorecard agreed in June 2018 is 50/100.
* companies must be members of Pack2Go Europe and have signed a licensing agreement with the Association.

Whereas the global average for EcoVadis is 43/100, the average score of Pack2Go Europe is 58/100. Our members truly are committed to sustainability.

The Pack2go Europe score is an average of the individual ratings of all Association members, based on the number of facilities manufacturing food & beverage service packaging in Europe.

The individual ratings - or scorecards - of Pack2Go Europe members are independently determined by the leading sustainability rating agency, EcoVadis.

In establishing scorecards for companies, EcoVadis considers a range of corporate social responsibility topics, grouped under 4 themes: Environment, Labour Practices & Human Rights, Ethics (including fair business practices), and Sustainable Procurement.

To determine a rating, EcoVadis carries out an in-depth review of a company’s written policies and the answers the company provides to an industry-specific questionnaire. EcoVadis also uses information from verified external sources to analyse a company's performance.

A score from 1 to 100 is allocated to a company under each theme. The different thematic scores are consolidated into an overall scorecard. Feedback is provided to each company by EcoVadis on relative strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommended areas for improvement.

The Association requires companies participating in the Pack2Go Europe Quality Guarantee Programme to meet the requirements of all the applicable EU and national legislations of countries where they operate or sell their products, as concerns:

  • Food Contact Materials
  • Weights & Measures
  • Product Safety

However, these elements are not taken into account by EcoVadis in establishing the scorecards, as these requirements are specific to the food & beverage packaging sector.

Pack2Go Europe companies: progress report

CompanyGuiding PrinciplesCompliance pledgeUp-to-date reporting
Amhil Europa Sp. z o.o.
AR Packaging Group AB
Burrows Netherlands BV
CEE R. Schisler
Dart Products Europe Ltd
Depa Disposables BV
Dopla SpA
Flo SpA
Graphic Packaging International Foodservice Europe Ltd
Huhtamäki Oyj
Ilip Srl
Isap Packaging SpA
Matrix Pack SA
Medac Srl
Metsä Board Oyj
Nupik International SL
Seda Italy SpA
Stora Enso Oyj
Documentation in progress     

Consumers trust us because we invest in the highest standards

1. Get in touch with us

Once we know a little more about you, we can let you know more about the financial and operational implications of going forward.

2. Pass the EcoVadis audit

EcoVadis has a straightforward auditing process which hundreds of companies go through each year. It's online. It's accessible. And you'll soon find out where your CSR strengths and weaknesses are. You may have to make some changes to your company policies or formalise existing practices in order to make sure your score is high enough to proceed.

3. Adhere to our pledges

Once you have committed to Pack2Go Europe's Guiding Principles, and declared yourself to be in conformity with the national and EU laws that apply to your business, it will then be necessary to demonstrate that your company meets Pack2Go Europe’s Essential Performance Requirements. This is done by submitting relevant information and proof via the Pack2Go Europe Online Reporting Platform, provided by EcoVadis.

Assuming you meet the minimum sustainability rating required by the Association, you will then be eligible to use the Pack2Go Europe Quality Guarantee logo and label.

Participation in the Pack2Go Europe Quality Guarantee Programme is renewed on an annual basis. Once you have gone through the process once, it should be relatively straightforward for your company to continue to sustain this participation and, hopefully, show continued improvement in performance.

Our ambition is to strive for ever higher levels of quality. We will continue to review our requirements to make sure these remain ambitious in the long term.

More about the initiative...

Who is Pack2Go Europe?

Pack2Go Europe is a not-for-profit association of companies that manufacture packaging for the food and beverages consumed on-the-go every day by millions of Europeans. Our companies have a common vision about doing things better and a clear mission. We want Europeans who eat and drink on-the-go to know that health, safety and environmental considerations have been thought through and factored into production plans.


Our mission is to manufacture safe, hygienic and sustainable packs for the occasions when consumers eat or drink on-the-go. It is also our mission to work with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that the users of our packaging are aware of the responsbility they bear towards consumers, towards the environment and to their own businesses. With this in mind, it is clearly a mission to communicate with all stakeholders about the quality and benefits of our packaging and how they can help ensure the hygiene and safety of consumers, as well as greater respect for the environment.

Why the Quality Guarantee?

Pack2Go Europe companies manufacture packaging for food and beverages consumed on-the-go of the highest standards. Experience has shown us that, unfortunately, some companies in the market will cut corners. The Quality Guarantee attests to the commitment of Pack2Go Europe member companies to manufacture and market quality products in a responsible way to ensure hygiene, safety and sustainability.

How is the Quality Guarantee label used?

Pack2Go Europe companies can use the label in important ways: directly on products, on packaging, on marketing and sales materials and on administrative paperwork like order forms or invoices. The reference number provided enables anybody who is interested to verify with Pack2Go Europe via its website that a company and its products are bona fide.

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