Consumers want to know

Consumers want to know that their food is safe and sustainable. Consumers want to know that the food they buy on-the-go keeps them healthy and does not endanger their health. Increasingly, consumers also want to know that, behind the scenes, the food has been prepared and brought to them in a way that protects the planet and promotes sustainable jobs and economies.

Europe’s leading on-the-go packaging companies exist to enable the safe and hygienic consumption of food and drinks on-the-go. With our Quality Guarantee, we have taken things a step further by establishing a rigorous and measurable record of our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Our Quality Guarantee label stands for:

✓ Consumer safety, public health and food hygiene

✓ Continuous improvement of product functionality

✓ Safe, just and merit-based working conditions

✓ Minimising impact on the environment

✓ Business integrity, supply chain integrity and traceability

✓ Fair competition

✓ Accurate and complete information


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