Leading EU companies are 35% above the global sustainability average

Each of the companies participating in Pack2Go Europe’s Quality Guarantee has been rated by EcoVadis, the leading sustainability rating agency. Pack2Go Europe’s total score of 58/100 is 35% above the global industry average of 43/100. In order to be part of Pack2Go Europe’s Quality Guarantee scheme, a company must have a minimum score of 50/100.

The Pack2go Europe score is an average of the individual ratings of all Association members, based on the number of facilities manufacturing food & beverage service packaging in Europe.

In establishing scorecards for companies, EcoVadis considers a range of corporate social responsibility topics, grouped under 4 themes: Environment, Labour Practices & Human Rights, Ethics (including fair business practices), and Sustainable Procurement.

To determine a rating, EcoVadis carries out an in-depth review of a company’s written policies and the answers the company provides to an industry-specific questionnaire. EcoVadis also uses information from verified external sources to analyse a company's performance.

A score from 1 to 100 is allocated to a company under each theme. The different thematic scores are consolidated into an overall scorecard. Feedback is provided to each company by EcoVadis on relative strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommended areas for improvement.

Having in place the right processes and an effective governance is one of the five conditions that companies must satisfy in order to be allowed to take part in Pack2Go Europe’s Quality Guarantee.


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